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The Aromas Pump Hose - Better than a Poppers Mask

Each squeeze of the bulb sends aromas and air through the hose into your gas mask – you only get aromas when you pump. A few quick pumps – then leave it for a while. There are many other ways of using poppers with a gas mask; just holding the bottle under …

Poppers Mask Pump Hose - Additions

Bubble Bottles. As happens with the additional load on your breathing that a gas mask filter adds, the increased resistance presented by the liquid in a bubble or 'bubbler' bottle, may also cause a small flow of air and vapour to be pulled through the pump bulb and attached poppers bottle each time you breath in.

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gasproof rubber: I see photos of other gas mask enthusiasts who also like the experience of rebreathing in modified gas masks equipped with rubber rebreathing bags. Some days I like a few short sessions of rebreathing with a 3L or larger bag(s); other days I enjoy long minutes or even hours of 90% rebreathing where some exchange of outside is allowed.

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Cold war era polish gas mask MC-1 Genuine respiratory full kit Olive grey color emergency mask protection NEW Halloween costume. MilitarSurplusStore. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,429) Sale Price $25.10. $25.10. $27.89. Original Price $27.89".

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One part is the Gas Mask / Respirator fittings used on most common "Fetish" gas masks, commonly known as NATO40 or GOST40. It has been known for years that most of the ex-soviet parts which fit GP5, GP7 are not entirely compatible with the rest of the European masks (S6, S10, S12 etc) and as such the parts do not always mate.

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The main components are half-inch PVC pipe and fittings. I've used: 90 degree Ts. Plain sockets (to provide a connector for the poppers vial and for the gas mask hoses) Ball valves. In my case everything is solvent welded together (you just wipe some gunk in the pipe, push, wait a minute, and it's stuck forever) but you can get screw ...

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Still £395 plus shipping. ———-. At last, this ones taken a while, The Ultimate Popper Assembly. Medical grade Mask, Harness, Rebreather, Valves, Halothane/Goldman Vaporiser, this ones the real deal, ultimate kit. It's not cheap unfortunately, £395, but I'm confident you'll not find a better, more comprehensive kit around anywhere.


Expiratory valve – Chrome finish. 42″/105cm Antistatic Rubber Corrugated Hose. T-Mount (Custom Black high pressure plastic) 2.0L Latex Rubber Rebreather Bag (other sizes are available) Halothane Vaporiser (to mix the concentration/ratio of popper/fresh air) …

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Gas mask rebreather set with GP5 gas mask (black or grey) and breathing bag. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. GP5 gas mask rebreather set 4 . € 64,95 . Art.no. 41SA4 Gas mask rebreather set with corrugated hose and rubber breathing bag. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. Gas mask inhalator set .

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This system has a rebreather bag on a t-mount with a Blue Glass bottle for your poppers, on the other end of the hose there is an airflow restrictor valve to control the airflow in and out of the mask. There is small holes at each end of the assemble to let an amount of fresh air in and out. Choose ReBreather Bag: NO, 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L, 5 ...

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Poppers Gas Masks. Posted on Poppers Guide's Forum. Topic created by Jako on Wed, 9 Apr 2014 at 19:38. ... I use a Soviet ip5 rebreather mask only with a aromas pump hoes screwed on to the ip5 mask hose, once the mask is fitted to your head pull the straps tight on the sides which pulls the nose cup firm on to your nose,

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Fetish Heavy Rubber System 3-in-1 BONDAGE HELMET Gas Mask Rebreather Latex HOOD w Collar, Gag, Blindfolds, Drinking Unit by Fantomas & Co. FANTOMAS4U. From shop FANTOMAS4U. 5 out of 5 stars. (54) 54 reviews. $595.00. Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Favorite.

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Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve Popper Rebreather Assembly with or without Mask, Harness and Rebreather Bag, you choose. You might already have a mask, harness and/or rebreather so we've given the option to leave these parts out making a totally customisable system to suit your needs.